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UBsecure, Inc.

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Company Profile

UBsecure, Inc. is an information security company specializing in application security. We develop and provide "Simple, Easy, Valuable" security tools and services.


April, 2007
UBsecure,Inc. founded
October, 2007
Web application scanning tool "Vex" launched
August, 2012
UBsecure joined NRI Secure Group through the capital and business tie-up with NRI Secure Technologies, Ltd. (100% owned by Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.)

Business Outline

Based on our extensive knowledge acquired from security software developement and security assessment experience, we make customers' web application security a reality by offering tools and services that support application security required in the digital transformation era.

Secuirty Solutions Division

This division provides security products that fits DevOps, mainly focusing on the development and sales of vulnerability assessment tool "Vex" (Vulnerability Explorer).

Security Assessment Division

Application security experts identify potential security issues in the target system and support improvement initiatives.

Security Trainings

We provide the "UBsecure Certification", which certifies the security assessment ability for security engineers using "Vex", and training courses for developing security experts.


UBsecure is looking for new members who will have fun working together for realizing "Simple, Easy, and Valuable" security . Join us bringing our made-in-Japan cyber security services to the world.
Please visit our homepage for more details.

Company Data

Company Name
UBsecure, Inc.
President: Youko Matsuda
April, 2007

Access Map

UBsecure, Inc.

Tsukiji KY Building 4F, 4-7-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 JAPAN

Access Map

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