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Nomura Research Institute America, Inc.

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Company Profile

Established in 1967, NRI America provides award-winning consulting service and system solutions to our global customers. Our approach focuses on insight-driven research and IT expertise to deliver innovative solutions for a wide range of needs.

Business Outline

Tailored to each project, NRI America leads our clients' success in global business development by leveraging our expertise, knowledge and experience, with an extensive network of more than 10,000 specialists around the world.

The Research and Consulting Division

The expertise of the division extends across various industries not only in the U.S. but also in Latin America. We help our clients expand their businesses by providing insight-driven industrial trends and company research, designing corporate structures and creating business. We have a track record of successful collaboration with governments and multi-national companies to facilitate launching offices in new countries. Our experienced consultants help you identify your business partners and discover M&A opportunities for your further business development.

The Financial Services Research and Technology Division

The division's mission is to research and generate insights on the most updated financial market trends and FinTech in the U.S. and Europe. Our innovative and research-driven insights provide a deep understanding of the operational issues facing financial services firms, helping us design solutions to ensure financial institutions and corporate customers are able to make more insightful decisions every day.

The IT Solutions and Delivery Division

The division provides systems solution services and consultations primarily for financial institutions on clients’ premises. We cater to clients' various system support needs to achieve their goals by providing system development, system maintenance & operational management, IT Helpdesk and consultation on business operations.


NRI-A Yosuke Kubota

President :
Yosuke Kubota

Company Data

Company Name
Nomura Research Institute America, Inc.
President :Yosuke Kubota
Founded in 1967

Access Map

Nomura Research Institute America, Inc.

810 Seventh Avenue, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.

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Nomura Research Institute America, Inc.

Tel: +1(212)636-0500


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