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NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. North America Regional Headquarters

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Company Profile

NRI SecureTechnologies is a global service provider of next-generation Managed Security Services, cutting-edge Blockchain Security Solutions, and Consulting Services with renowned Japanese attention to detail and customer service.

Business Outline

NeoSOC Security Monitoring

NeoSOC is a 24/7 cloud-based managed security solution that utilizes our SOC-as-a-Service delivery model to provide a flexible service ranging from security device monitoring and alerting to fully managed detection and response services based on the individual needs of each organization.

Blockchain Assessment

Blockchain consists of various technical elements, and security standpoints differ for each element. Multiple security assessments are performed, including evaluations and recommendations, for elements such as Smart Contracts and Blockchain Platform.

Security Awareness Training

Phishing email is the most popular and dominant attack vector today. Our security awareness training utilizing simulated phishing emails enables your employees to understand the techniques of phishing, spam, malware, and social engineering for protecting your organization against the latest security threats.

Security Advisory Service

Our security experts help you learn the best ways to respond to advanced security threats, manage critical risks, prioritize security initiatives, and align them with your business.


General Manager of North America Regional Headquarters:
Dai Harada

Dai has 20 years of experience in the Information Technology and Information Security industry. Prior to joining NRI, he has held various roles for companies in Japan including Hewlett-Packard and Future System Consulting. Dai holds a Master of High Energy Astrophysics degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Aug. 2000
NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. was established
Feb. 2009
North America Branch office was opened
Feb. 2014
Expanded as North America Regional Headquarters

Company Data

Company Name
SecureTechnologies, Ltd. North America Branch(NRI SecureTechnologies North America Regional Headquarters)
General Manager: Dai Harada

Access Map

NRI SecureTechnologies North America Regional Headquarters

26 Executive Park Suite 150 Irvine, CA 92614 U.S.A.

Access Map

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NRI SecureTechnologies North America Regional Headquarters

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