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NRI Group Companies and offices

Nomura Research Institute (Dalian), Ltd.

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Company Profile

Established in September 2010, Nomura Research Institute (Dalian), Ltd. (NRI Dalian) provides BPO services and related consulting service to maximize clients' operational efficiency. With a proven track record of helping clients achieve their goals, we cater to a wide range of clients including Japanese financial institutions.

Business Outline

BPO service includes

  • Basic price calculation of investment trust
  • Generation of reports for investment trust/fund management
  • Data input and verification of investment information

KPO service includes

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Generation of business documents

ITO service includes

  • 24/7 call-center
  • System maintenance
  • System testing

AMO service

  • System maintenance service is provided in a collaboration with Nomura Research Institute (Beijing), Ltd.


September, 2010
NRI Dalian was founded. Started providing BPO service regarding investment information.
April, 2011
Started providing Asset Management BPO service.
January, 2012
Started providing ITO service.
January, 2013
Started providing KPO service.
February, 2014
Started providing 24/7 call-center service.
August, 2016
Started providing system maintenance and software development service.


In an effort to improve NRI Dalian’s ability to help clients, we are looking for a talent to join our team.

  1. Bachelor’s or higher degree required.
  2. Advanced competency in Japanese, preferably N1 level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test required. Fluency in reading, writing and speaking in Japanese a must.
  3. Must be able to travel to Japan for business trips for an extended amount of time. (1-3 months)
  4. Experience in studying or working in Japan a plus
  5. Experience in IT system development and/or certification to show expertise (e.x. accounting, IT, English) a plus.

Company Data

Company Name
Nomura Research Institute (Dalian), Ltd.
President: Ryu Yo
September, 2010

Access Map

Nomura Research Institute (Dalian), Ltd.

201/202, 23th Bldg, Software Park, No.40, SoftwarePark East Road, Dalian City, Liaoning Province 116023, China

Access Map

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