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Nomura Research Institute Consulting and Solutions India Private Limited

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Company Profile

Established in 2011, NRI Consulting & Solutions India boasts the largest overseas office among NRI’s consulting business. With a rich pool of Japanese consultants as liaisons, they provide down-to-earth consulting services through Indian consultants who have a deep understanding of both the Indian market and Indian companies.

Business Outline

Based on the needs and challenges of its clients, NRI Consulting & Solutions India provides a wide range of support; from strategy and vision formulation, the creation of business plans, and operational reform, to digital transformation as well as market entry and M&A support. It has expanded its services to include business growth support not only for Japanese companies in India, but also for foreign and local companies in India as well, all the while cultivating an extensive client network in India.
Particularly in the area of digital transformation support, NRI Consulting & Solutions India has developed services for both Indian and Japanese companies suffering from a shortage of digital technology savvy individuals by making full use of our abundant data analytics human resources. Currently, as NRI’s internal outsourcing receiving base, it also provides support to the NRI group across the globe.

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The major driver to create tangible results while working with our clients is our people. It takes talented people from diverse background to solve the most complex issues and produce tangible solutions.

Consultants at NRI are professionals from diverse background having dedication and passion to solve the most difficult issues and deliver a lasting impact for our client. Our consultants are interesting people who are committed to high standards and core values possessing good leadership abilities.

We are a growing consulting firm providing opportunities to learn, grow and achieve your carrer goals. While appreciating interest and uniqueness of each consultant, we provide a flat and an open environement to our people. Join us and be a part of our highly qualified, motivated and culturally diverse team. NRI Consulting & Solutions India offers opportunities to build an exciting career where you will:

- Work on strategic issues and challenges with corporate clients - Commit to improve business performance for clients
- Assist public sector clients on policy related issues
- Build both global knowledge and local expertise

Please reach out to us at

Selection Procudure:

- CV Shortlisting

- Personal Interview
In this interview, we like to understand more about you and your experience to understand whether you would be able to fit into NRI's environment. You will be assessed based on your personality and behavioual parameters required for the job.

- Technical Interview
This round is taken by the hiring division, a person from your technical background to understand your level of knowledge and skills for the position you are being considered.

- Senior Management Interview
This interview is taken by our President or Vice President to assess your fitment into NRI Consulting & Solutions India.

Company Data

Company Name
Nomura Research Institute Consulting and Solutions India Private Limited
President, Managing Partner | NRI Consulting & Solutions India: Shigeharu Satake

Access Map

Nomura Research Institute Consulting and Solutions India Private Limited

7th Fl. / Tower A, Building No. 5, DLF Cyber City, Phase III Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122002

Access Map

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