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Nomura Research Institute Seoul Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

With knowledge and insight on macro-economy, industries, and customers, providing our clients with satisfaction and value by supporting development of concrete and practical strategies that can be put into immediate action on field.

Business Outline

NRI Seoul opened its office in April 1995 and became a locally incorporated subsidiary in January 2013. It has set its highest goal of making contribution to Korea’s economy and social development with NRI’s accumulated know-how and experiences.

With our top-notch consultants in consulting industry, we provide consulting services to Korea’s well-known companies and government institutions, in cooperation with partners such as NRI's global offices and professional firms in law, accounting, design and many more.

With NRI’s basic philosophy of Growth with Clients, we wish to retain long-term partnerships with our clients in the forthcoming days, and accompany continuous growth and evolution of our clients.

Major consulting domain includes;
-Manufacturing (Auto, Electronics, Chemical/Material)
-Retail, Service and Real Estate industry
-Infrastructure and public industry

Recent project Examples;
-Business strategy consulting (New business development, Profitability enhancement)
-Market entry strategy (M&A support, PMI support)
-Next generation Infrastructure design


Jaenam Yoon

We would like to support the companies and organizations in a structural change of Korean economy with our expertise and commitment. Yoon holds a doctorate in engineering from The University of Tokyo in 2003 before joining NRI Seoul.


1995, April
Open Seoul office branch of NRI
2013, January
Founded Nomura Research Institute Seoul Co., Ltd.


Management Consultant
- Manufacturing (Auto, Electronics, Chemical/Material)
- Retail, Service and Real Estate industry
- Infrastructure and public industry

Company Data

Company Name
Nomura Research Institute Seoul Co., Ltd.
CEO&President:Jaenam Yoon

Access Map

12F, CONCORDIAN, 76, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul,Korea

Access Map

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Nomura Research Institute Seoul Co., Ltd.

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