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NRI Group Companies and offices

Nomura Research Institute Taiwan Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Established in 2012, NRI Taiwan took over the business from the NRI Taipei Branch, in operation since 1995. It provides a wide range of support for business promotion in Taiwan and business expansion in Asia by providing consulting and solution proposals from a group of experts well versed in Taiwanese and Japanese corporate cultures.

Business Outline

NRI Taiwan has a wealth of consulting experience in industrial policy and regional development through its support of various public projects carried out by the Taiwanese and local governments: formulating medium and long-term plans for Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei City Public Housing Development Plan, developing plans for use of Taiwan’s radio frequency bands, and operational support for the spin-off of state-owned enterprises. It also has a robust track record of consulting on industrial policy and regional development. It also provides research on Taiwanese and greater Chinese industries and companies, in addition to various consulting services for Japanese companies considering expanding into Taiwan; in recent years NRI Taiwan has supported the selection of business partners related to the business alliances between Japanese and Taiwanese companies by negotiating alliances and acquisitions. Our talented consultants can provide support on a wide range of topics, including not only expansion into Taiwan, but also the formulation of growth strategies in Asia with Taiwan as the starting point.


CHANG, Chengwu

Chang is the president of NRI Taiwan.
Prior to his current position, Chang has more than 20 years of strategy consulting and business development experience, across Greater China region and Japan.
Chang has experience in providing advice to a wide range of clients across a number of sectors, ranging from Retail,Telecommunications/Technology to Real Estate industry. His work has covered strategy development for some of the largest company, as well as a wide range of mergers and acquisitions projects in the region.
Chang received a BS in Economic from National Taiwan University.


Assistant Consultant
Basic requirements

- Enthusiasm for learning with high curiosity; interested in fields related to and beyond the work
- Capable of logic and deliberate thinking
- Actively participating in discussions and creating added value during the discussion
- Chinese-Japanese or Chinese-English listening , speaking , reading and writing skills
- a domestic or foreign college at minimum


  1. Send you resume to our company by mail or e-mail.
    Address: 10F-F, No.168, Dunhua N. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
    Personnel Department, Nomura Research Institute Taiwan Co., Ltd.
  2. Send the resume through 104 Job Bank

* A notice of the interview and time will be sent to the applicant whose application documents passes the examination.

Company Data

Company Name
Nomura Research Institute Taiwan Co., Ltd.
President : CHANG, Chengwu

Access Map

Nomura Research Institute Taiwan Co., Ltd.

10th Fl.-F, No.168, Tun-Hwa N. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

Access Map

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Nomura Research Institute Taiwan Co., Ltd.

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