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Message from the President

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The world around us has seen significant changes in recent years, and the speed of those changes is accelerating. In this era of great uncertainty, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) Group has and will explore future prospects for society and business, and through the integration of consulting and IT solutions, we continue to achieve social transformation with our clients.

The core of our corporate DNA is a dedication to thoroughly understanding our clients’ perspectives and needs, and together with our strong sense of teamwork, this has driven us to successfully accomplish a number of sophisticated, major projects in a wide range of fields and areas. We aim to further hone our strengths, providing high-quality services brimming with innovation, and to thereby earn a high level of trust from our clients and society.

The NRI Group will continue to contribute to the creation of a future society that is prosperous, sustainable, and resilient.

President & CEO
Member of the Board
Representative Director
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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