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Development of Human Resources Training Program

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Training Experts who are Independent and Fearless Innovators

NRI encourages our employees to keep pushing boundaries to pursue their professional growth by providing training program that integrates on-the-job training, classroom lectures, group discussions, and self-learning opportunities.

NRI assigns an instructor to new employees, imparting necessary knowledge and skills for the job. NRI also has cross-functional training systems linking our consulting and systems divisions, as well as trainee systems at domestic and overseas offices.

NRI provides a variety of programs varying seniority and courses in career advancement training for management and leadership skills. In addition, NRI sponsors short-term programs at international business schools, basic systems development training in China and India, and MBA or other post-graduate degree programs at overseas universities. We support test preparation for Information Technology Engineer Test and other IT certifications by providing robust internal certification programs.

Creating a Corporate Culture to Support Individual Growth

NRI’s various programs create a corporate culture that encourages our employees to reinvent and elevate themselves. Human resources training programs, global programs, female professional career counseling, and business creation are just a few of the company-wide opportunities NRI provides on an ongoing basis.

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