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Philosophy & Vision

Development of Human Resources Training Program

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To create synergies through Navigation × Solution approach, NRI has been active in implementing human resources training programs that are focused on our corporate philosophy, "Dream up the future."

A Human Resources Training Program to Train Experts who are Independent and Fearless Innovators

A professional possessing advanced expert knowledge, strives to pursue their own goals, unafraid to innovate and take on difficult challenges. This is the ideal model of NRI employee. NRI has developed a human resources training program that integrates on-the-job training, classroom lecture and group discussion, and self-education study.

One part of our on-the-job training is to assign an "instructor" to new employees on a oneon-one basis, imparting necessary knowledge and skills for the job. NRI also has a cross-functional training systems linking our consulting and systems divisions, as well as trainee systems at NRI and client locations overseas.

NRI believes that even having gained and imprinted experience and expertise through onthe-job training, there are skills and lessons that can only be learned through classroom lecture and group discussion. We provide a variety of programs depending upon seniority/title, as well as courses in career advancement training enhancing management and leadership skills. NRI also sponsors employees for short-term programs at international business schools, basic systems development training in China and India, taught in the local language over several months, and MBA or other degree programs at overseas universities. Another way we develop highly skilled and knowledgeable experts is to support individuals in their test preparation of Information Technology Engineer Test and other certifications. NRI has even developed our own internal certification programs.

Creating a Corporate Culture to Support Individual Growth

NRI uses a number of different programs to create a corporate culture that encourages our employees to reinvent themselves. Human resources training programs, global programs, female professional career counseling, and business creation are just a few of the company-wide opportunities we provide on an ongoing basis for our experts to discuss their careers and NRI.

Human Resources Training Program Instill a greater awareness and appreciation of our human resources training program
Global Training Learn more about our global business activities and partners; gain an awareness and Appreciation of the need for NRI to be a globally Competitive business, and act accordingly
Female Professional Career Counseling Share and incorporate career-related expertise; encourage female employees to take a more active role in their own careers by gaining various professional experiences
Business Creation Instill a company-wide awareness of Entrepreneurial business model to encourage a new approach to work and new avenues of business growth
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