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Vision 2022

NRI will expand our client base in other industrial sectors, achieving medium-term growth as we accelerate to enhance our global presence across Asia, Europe, and North America according to our new long-term management vision, "Vision 2022".

Vision 2022 Targets

The financial goals of Vision 2022 are built around achieving operating profits of 100 billion JPY and overseas sales of 100 billion JPY by FY 2022 respectively. Outside of financials, NRI has created a newly specified CSV (Creating Shared Value) for solving social issues through value co-creation to promote sustainability management across the NRI group, balancing sustainable growth with social good through the creation of a sustainable future society.

NRI Group Sustainability Management Policy

NRI’s pillars of growth


  • The NRI Group brings together a large number of employees with diverse backgrounds and experience to pool the collective effort and share the achievements and joy of contributing to a vibrant future society alongside our clients.
  • “Share” is a pronoun for the breadth and density of being connected. We work to be recognized as a partner that collaborates through tangible and impactful co-creation.


  • With a future-looking perspective we pioneer digital services on a global scale to create new enterprise business models for the next generation of leaders.
  • “Next” is an attitude for next generation paradigms. We work to provide direction for our clients and for society, executing forward-thinking digital strategies to create a dynamic future.


  • We refine our strengths and create value for our clients by providing a suite of industry-leading services, as well as continuing to innovate to assure the highest level of value as society and the global market develops. By providing various types of services to clients and to society, we support the creation of new future-minded business models.
    “Value” comes from the realization of “truly meaningful innovations,” as well as the different sets of personal values held by the large number of people who helped realize it.
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