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NRI's Strengths

A Distinctive Business Model

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Two Directions of Business Model

1.Further Strengthening the Speciality Areas

NRI has developed the unique “Navigation × Solution” business model, where it provides an integrated service which starts from “Navigation,” which guides clients from problem discovery to solution strategies by consulting, to “Solution,” which implements a solution by system development and management.

2.Creating New Grouth Drivers

NRI is promoting "Global business expansion" and "Business IT creation" to achieve sustainable growth.

1.Further Strengthening the Speciality Areas【Strengthening Corporate IT】

"Navigation × Solution" Business Model

NRI has developed the unique "Navigation × Solution" business model, where it provides an integrated service which starts from "Navigation," which guides clients from problem discovery to solution strategies by consulting, to "Solution," which implements a solution by system development and management, and other means. As necessary, the two work together in a synergistic manner in the "Navigation × Solution" business model.

One of the culminations of the "Navigation × Solution" business model is NRI's shared online services. Shared online services allow for greater cost reductions when compared to constructing a system for each company. It also alleviates the burden of adapting to regulatory revisions. Through these services, clients are able to focus their management resources into areas that need to be set apart from others, making these services appreciated by many clients. As an industry pioneer, NRI has been supporting the "shift from ownership to use" of information systems for over 40 years.

In addition, NRI has recently expanded its shared online services to utility services, where shared online services are provided in combination with business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

Strengths of NRI's Shared Online Services

Owns an Overwhelming Share as an Industry Pioneer

NRI has served the needs of clients in the financial industry and provided innovative solutions for a long time. The product of this accumulated expertise is the shared online services. NRI has provided these services since 1974, even before the term "cloud" existed, and has been far ahead of its competitors.

An Extensive Lineup for the Financial Sector

We add functions to adapt to regulatory revisions as well as changes in the business environment, always providing services to our clients that are on the industry's leading edge.

Major Utility Services

Utility services are provided in combination with NRI’s shared online services and business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

For retail brokerage firms

NRI provides the shared online service, STAR, and DSB Co., Ltd. supports trade execution, clearing, settlement, account management and other related back-office works such as mailing services.

For wholesale brokerage firms (investment banks)

Under "Prime Settlement Service" brand, NRI provides the shared online service I-STAR integrated with BPO services jointly with NRI Process Innovation, Ltd.

For asset management firms (investment trust and investment advisory firms)

NRI provides the shared online service, T-STAR, and NRI Process Innovation, Ltd. comprehensively supports related middle- and back-office operations.

2.Creating New Grouth Drivers【Business IT creation】

Business IT creation with Con-Solution

NRI works on open innovation in which consulting and solutions work side by side with clients, and on Business IT field which helps customers business expansion, NRI provides support from Business IT planning and conceptual building to create new businesses, and after that customers and NRI share the results and risks with repeated cycles of innovation realization and examination of effects.

Example of Business IT creation

3.Creating New Grouth Drivers【Global business expansion】

Global busiess expansion with acquiring leading-edge intellectual property(IP)

NRI accelarates its global development by acquiring highly competitive external IP through M&A while proceeding with organic business expansion by making use of shared online services and other existing IP.

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    • Brierley+Partners was founded by a person who designed and operated the first mileage program for an American airline company and has over 30 years of experience.
    • A pioneer in creating loyalty programs in the U.S. Its wide range of services currently includes CRM, IT solutions as well as system management and operations.
    • Brierley+Partners provides "BRIERLEY LOYALTYWARE?," an integrated loyalty program solution, including all necessary functions, such as membership registration for clients, recording and tracking clients’ action history, acquiring points and mileage as well as redeeming points.
  • Cutter Associates

    Cutter Associates

    • Cutter Associates has established a reputation for research and consultation in the U.S. asset management industry and has the largest client base in the country, including over 200 firms such as asset management firms, insurance firms and pension funds.
    • Cutter Associates has profound knowledge about the business strategies, operations and IT solutions, etc., of U.S. asset management firms
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    • ASG offers IT management and consulting services, ERP solutions, and business intelligence and analytics to its clients in both the public and private sectors in Australia.
    • ASG has a long track records in the Australian IT industry where cloud utilization is advanced, providing managed services in a cloud environment.
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