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NRI's Strengths

A Distinctive Business Model

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We provide an integrated service that begins at "Navigation," guiding clients from problem discovery through consulting to "Solution," implementing technology system development and management.

NRI's "shared online services" are fruit of "Navigation × Solution" business model. As an industry pioneer, NRI has been promoting the shift from “owning” to “borrowing” IT systems for more than 40 years. The shared online services enable greater cost reduction and alleviate the burden of regulatory revisions. Through these services, clients can allocate more resources on more value-added activities.

In addition, NRI has expanded its shared online offering into utility services, where shared online services are provided in combination with business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

Highlights of NRI's Shared Online Services

● History of shared online Services

● Examples of Shared Online Services

● Major Utility Services

For retail brokerage firms

For wholesale brokerage firms

For asset management firms

Business IT creation

NRI fosters open innovation with client operations and supports client business expansion. NRI provides support across the implementation process, from IT infrastructure planning to new business creation. Following completion, we collaborate with client to share the results and risks through repeated cycles of innovation realization and examination of effects.

Global business expansion

NRI accelerates global development by acquiring highly competitive external IP through M&A. Examples of our industry leading partners include:

  • Brierley+Partners
  • Cutter Associates
  • ASG
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