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Who's NRI?

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Our International Businesses

NRI-short for the Nomura Research Institute-is a class-leading business consultancy and technology solution firm headquartered in Tokyo. With 50 years of experience in systems and strategies, we've grown from boutique financial IT specialist to Japan's leading consulting and technology solution firm.

If you haven't heard of us, good news: you've just discovered one of Japan's best-kept secrets. Our work helps power many of the global brands consumers and businesses depend on every day.

Designed to out-deliver

For multinational companies with a footprint in Asia, NRI is no mystery. In the financial sector, many of our in-house systems have been adopted as standard industry models. NRI's unusual heritage-rooted in business consulting and IT solutions-gives us a unique edge as an innovative business partner.

Take one of our core offerings: system integration. NRI not only designs the initial solution; we design the operational strategies too. This unified approach limits implementation risks inherent in less integrated consulting models.

Our origin as an offshoot of Nomura Securities instilled a user-centric mindset from day one that sets us apart from the wider industry. This client-first culture is key to why so many of our business relationships span decades.

Power through process and insight

As the only major global consulting firm to come out of Japan, we are proud of the caliber and craftsmanship of our work. Clients can expect solutions built with the precision and efficiency that define Japanese quality.

Our processes are built on both adaptability and long-term planning, with a goal of anticipating and positioning for change in our clients business. To consistently achieve this level of insight, we not only work to fully understand our clients, but also the dynamics of their specific industry and operating environments.

NRI's long history serving top Japanese corporations highlights another distinct advantage: discipline. Much of our work has centered specifically on maximizing operational efficiency across the gamut of all major business sectors. Seeing the positive impact of this change in action, for both clients and their communities, is one of the most rewarding elements of our work.

A partner in progress

NRI has begun a strategic expansion of its footprint beyond Asia, with several acquisitions and partnerships including the integration of global loyalty solution leader Brierley+Partners out of Texas. This investment signals a new phase in NRI's international growth, and a commitment to further expansion abroad. As it stands, our capabilities and reach now span nine countries, with more than 10,000 employees on board.

Listening to our clients, it is clear that many of you want even more from NRI. In response, we are pioneering a tightly integrated system solutions and business consulting model. Instead of hiring multiple specialist vendors for different project aspects, NRI clients now have access to a full-service solution platform that combines best-in-class technology and systems consulting with first-rate thought leadership and business strategy.

Business today is only getting more complex. With NRI, clients can expect more than just a blueprint; Every solution we build is backed by a deep commitment to partnership, growth and support.

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