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Capital Markets & IT - lakyara April 2016

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Financial institutions are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, adapt to regulatory changes and grow their business. NRI believes that a combination financial knowledge and information technology are crucial to the industry’s growth and development.
Through our lakyara reports, NRI identifies the various capital markets and IT issues impacting our clients and the future of their business.

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  • Financial Infrastructure

    Debit-card PWCB services:challenges and outlook

    Senior Consultant Financial Systems Solution Department Ⅱ

    Masanori Miyai

    Japan's Financial Services Agency will reportedly authorize financial institutions to offer debit card PWCB (purchase with cash back) services, already popular overseas, as an outsourced cash-withdrawal service under banking laws. Although the requisite infrastructure upgrades will be costly and Japan's existing infrastructure and payment practices pose numerous difficulties, PWCB services could help bring about a cashless society through such means as reducing costs.