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Capital Markets & IT - lakyara August 2016

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Financial institutions are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, adapt to regulatory changes and grow their business. NRI believes that a combination financial knowledge and information technology are crucial to the industry’s growth and development.
Through our lakyara reports, NRI identifies the various capital markets and IT issues impacting our clients and the future of their business.

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  • Brokerage Business

    Utility services' significance for T+1 settlement of JGB trades

    General Manager Prime Settlement Service Department NRI Process Innovation, Ltd.

    Shigenobu Kimura

    JGB market participants have been ramping up preparations to migrate to a T+1 JGB settlement cycle, the biggest change to Japan's securities market plumbing in recent years. Operating models that utilize utility services are emerging as a means of maintaining competitiveness.

  • Special Edition

    Emerging countries' role in rebuilding international finance

    Associate Professor Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

    Bulent Gultekin

    General Manager Financial Technology & Market Research Department

    Tetsuya Inoue

    Emerging economies recovered from the global financial crisis relatively early to spearhead global economic growth. Over the past few years, however, their fortunes have changed in the wake of China's economic slowdown and declining commodity prices. NRI's Tetsuya Inoue spoke to Wharton Professor Bulent Gultekin about the structural economic challenges facing emerging economies and how they can play a bigger role in long-term rebuilding of the international financial architecture.