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Special Reports

From research and consulting to solution development and implementation, NRI strives to facilitate industry conversations through regular research aimed at problem solving and execution of best practices. The Financial IT Innovation Research division of NRI regularly publishes content to keep industry participants informed about the issues and trends they face on a daily basis.

*Organizations/Titles reflected are current as of publishing date.

What's New

  • China DC/EP Research and Perspectives of CBDC in Japan

    Senior Researcher Financial DX Business Design Department Kodai Sato

    Senior Consultant Financial DX Business Design Department Kazuhiro Sudo

    Blockchain technology and digital currencies are among the most important breakthroughs that are driving an open, accessible, resilient, interoperable ecosystem in the financial industry. Many central banks are exploring the possibility of retail CBDC options. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the Chinese central bank, is pioneering the development and testing of the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DC/EP) platform.
    In contrast to China’s steady progress with DC/EP, currently in the testing phase, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has not announced any plans to issue CBDC so far. However, the BOJ is actively studying the potential benefits and risks of CBDC.