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Fund Distribution in Asia

A Growing Role for Asia Fund Managers Globally

Apr. 01, 2012

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Key themes discussed in this white paper :

  • A Shifting Landscape : Asia and Emerging Markets Drive Growth and Innovation Globally
  • Distribution Channels in Asia : A Variety of Regional Trends and Needs
  • The Blockbuster Phenomenon : 95% of Global Cash Flows go to 0.5% of the Products
  • Asia & LatAm : Japan & Brazil Lead Emerging Market Investment and Distribution Bridges
  • Distribution Success Factors : Organizational Stability, Performance, Service, & Brand
  • Product Development : Thematic Success Stories & a New Global Core Portfolio
  • Top Cash-Flow Managers : Global Communication & Non-Headquarter Centricity
  • Metatrends : Multi-Convergence Is Changing Distribution Partnerships 

Author's Profile

Daniel Enskat

Head of Global Consulting

Jag Alexeyev

Head of Global Research

Sadayuki Horie

Senior Researcher

Hisashi Kaneko

Senior Researcher

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