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Marketability of In-Car Connected Services

Feb. 1, 2021

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This paper discusses the price acceptance of in-car connected services.
Although auto makers are introducing in-car connected services one after another, there are still uncertainties such as service costs, pricing, and the impact on the competitiveness of cars themselves. Meanwhile, telecommunications carriers are considering the introduction of 5G-compatible connected services, aiming to provide added value to customers and recover investment in 5G infrastructure.
Connected services are positioned to meet customer needs in an era where smartphones and Wifi are commonplace, but they can also be regarded as technology-centric services such as communications and 5G.
Under such circumstances, for auto makers, telecommunications carriers, and other service providers, questions such as whether customers really need connected services and how much in fees can be collected are of indisputable importance.
Based on a consumer survey, this paper presents materials for examining the above questions.


  1. The State of In-Car Connected Services
  2. Considering the Marketability of In-Car Connected Services through Consumer Surveys
  3. Proposals Regarding Development of Services Going Forward

  • Kotaro Yamaura

    Senior Consultant

    Global Manufacturing Industry Consulting Department

  • Sakuto Goda


    Global Business Planning Department

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