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NRI upgrades I-STAR Suite for T+1 settlement of Japanese government bonds

-Upgrade enables solution for general collateral repurchase transactions-

May 09, 2018

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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TOKYO May 9, 2018 - Today NRI, a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions completed the upgrade of its popular I-STAR Suite to support T+0 settlements of general collateral repurchase transactions which is promoted by Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC).

I-STAR Suite has recently been updated to I-STAR/CORE to provide enriched real-time processing, reliability and expandability. This successful upgrade prepared I-STAR Suite to be ready for T+1 settlement of Japanese government bonds.

I-STAR/LC, a functionality of I-STAR/CORE can now calculate and submit allocable balances stating the issues available for allocation and their balance by each netting account or fund (positive list) to JSCC in real-time. Real-time submissions enable I-STAR users to improve the efficiency of operations as well as to increase organizational transparency.

As an application service provider (ASP) solution, NRI’s I-STAR Suite of solutions enables users to respond in a timely manner to regulatory changes in the industry, while also reducing the cost burden of upgrading the system each time.

The JSCC is currently completing an initiative to enhance the competitiveness of Japanese capital markets and finance, as well as to secure post-trade processing infrastructure.

“NRI has been working in parallel with the JSCC’s regulatory changes to ensure that financial institutions can transition their operations to the new regulations,” said Masaaki Yamazaki, Managing Director of NRI. “We’re excited to complete this new set of functionalities in one of our most popular solution suites to assure a smooth transition for our customers.”

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