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HOME News What's new NRI Secure obtains "FIDO Universal Server" certification that meets all FIDO authentication standards.

NRI Secure obtains "FIDO Universal Server" certification that meets all FIDO authentication standards.

〜First certification in Japan as an ID access management product〜

Jul. 04, 2019

NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.

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TOKYO, July 4, 2019 - NRI Secure Technologies, Ltd. ("NRI Secure") has achieved "FIDO Universal Server" certification from a non-profit organization “FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance”, which promotes the standardization of technical specifications for passwordless authentication. This is because the integrated ID access management solution "Uni-ID Libra"1, developed and provided by NRI Secure, has conformed to all FIDO certification standards. It is the 5th "FIDO Universal Server" in the world, and the first national identity access management product to be certified in Japan.


FIDO Universal Server


In recent years, the use of "biometric authentication" to identify individuals based on their face or fingerprints has become widespread as a means of identity authentication without using passwords. FIDO is a set of authentication technology standard established by the FIDO Alliance. It enables secure online authentication without transmitting highly confidential information such as biometric information over a network by using an authentication device installed in smartphone, PC or other security device. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)2, an organization that promotes the standardization of Web technologies, recently made the WebAuthn component of the FIDO Alliance’s FIDO2 specification an official web standard. Therefore, FIDO has been widely adopted in major Web browsers.

NRI Secure has provided an authentication function within "Uni-ID Libra" which complies with one of the FIDO standard "FIDO UAF”3 since 2018. We have now completed corresponding to "FIDO U2F”4 and "FIDO2”5, and have been certified as a "FIDO Universal Server" by complying with all FIDO certification standards.

For various web services providers, incorporating "FIDO Universal Server" certified “Uni-ID Libra” into their systems such as smartphone applications and website membership management systems, allows them to provide convenient and secure passwordless authentication without having to develop the function on their own.

Certification Details

Certification Date: une 28, 2019
Authentication Number: FIDO2 FIDO 20020190628001
UAF  UAF 110020181205005
U2F  U2F 110020190628002
Product Name: Uni-ID Libra

NRI Secure will continue to provide various products and services for supporting companies and organizations in their information security measures, contributing to the creation of a safe information systems environment and society on a global scale.

  • 1  

    Uni-ID Libra: An identity management and authentication infrastructure solution for B2C service providers. For further information, please visit: (Japanese Only)

  • 2  

    The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium): An international non-profit organization founded to standardize Web technologies.

  • 3  

    UAF (Universal Authentication Framework): A mechanism for passwordless authentication using FIDO-compatible terminals.

  • 4  

    U2F (Universal 2nd Factor): FIDO U2F supports a second-factor experience that uses security codes and keys in addition to identity and password authentication.

  • 5  

    FIDO2: FIDO Alliance’s newest set of specifications. FIDO2 is comprised of the W3C Web Authentication specification and corresponding Client-to-Authenticator Protocols (CTAP) from the FIDO Alliance.


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    About NRI SecureTechnologies
    NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. is a recognized leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that was created in 2000 as a subsidiary of Nomura Research Institute (NRI), a company whose 50-year history includes such highlights as being Japan's first private think tank and the installation of Japan's first commercial computer system. Today, specializing in cybersecurity and recognized as a leader in advanced managed security services, NRI SecureTechnologies is focused is on delivering high-value security outcomes for our clients with the precision and efficiency that define Japanese quality. 

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