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HOME News What's new Nomura Research Institute’s IT service management tool “Senju/SM” becomes the first made in Japan to obtain PinkVERIFY™ ITIL 4 certification

Nomura Research Institute’s IT service management tool “Senju/SM” becomes the first made in Japan to obtain PinkVERIFY™ ITIL 4 certification

~Enabling management focused on the value of IT services~

Sep. 28, 2021

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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The IT service management tool “Senju Service Manager (“Senju/SM”1 ) developed and provided by Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (“NRI”) became the first Japanese product to obtain Pink Elephant’s2 PinkVERIFY™ ITIL 43 certification on September 16, 2021.
Senju/SM which has functions that comply with ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library), a guideline for IT service management. Senju/SM users are able to manage IT services with high quality and efficiency.

PinkVERIFY™ certifies ITIL® compliance for tool features

“IT service management” is an activity that regards information systems as “IT services from the perspective of system users” and manages the stable provision and continuous improvement of such IT services. ITIL® is a global guideline that systematizes successful cases of IT service management. Although ITIL® originated in the United Kingdom, its importance has been recognized in Japan since around 2003, and efforts in IT service management have become widespread among companies that build and operate information systems.
ITIL® continues to be updated as the environment and technology surrounding information systems change, and the latest version is ITIL 4, released in 2019. ITIL 4 focuses on “IT service value” and requires comprehensive management of organization, technology, and operations, among other things.
PinkVERIFY™ is a long-running certification system provided by Pink Elephant since 1998 that certifies that IT service management tools are outfitted with the features that enable ITIL®. Currently, there are eight ITIL 4 certified products in the world, but Senju/SM is the first made in Japan to be certified.

Enabling ITIL 4-compliant IT service management with Senju/SM

NRI has been developing and providing Senju/SM since 2006. Its functionality has expanded year after year, and the latest version, Senju/SM 2021, has received PinkVERIFY™ ITIL 4 certification. It has been certified as being outfitted with features for enabling the following four practices4 , which are the most important practices defined in ITIL 4.

● Four important practice certifications Senju/SM has received include:

  • Incident management - quickly responding to inquiries from system users and system alerts
  • Problem management - identifying the causes of failures and minimizing their impact on business
  • Change enablement - minimizing the risks associated with system changes
  • Release management - managing release work procedures and automation

By implementing these four practices, NRI will improve the quality and efficiency of IT service management.

※ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited.

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