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HOME News What's new NRI Executes MOU in Innovation Fields with Embassy of Spain, Economic and Commercial Office

NRI Executes MOU in Innovation Fields with Embassy of Spain, Economic and Commercial Office

Partnership to Contribute to Mutual Growth by Promoting Sharing and Exchange of Technology, Knowledge, and Experience

Sep. 30, 2021

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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On September 29, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (“NRI”) executed a memorandum of understanding with the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Japan, to promote the sharing and exchange of technology, knowledge, and experience in innovation fields. The purpose is to conduct information exchange and events with a focus on fields where Spain is particularly strong and market expansion in Japan is anticipated – for example, FinTech, 1 smart cities,2 energy, FoodTech,3 and digitalization – and to facilitate business exchange between the two countries.

The two parties began their information exchange partnership in these fields in FY2020, and as a kickoff event, they held a joint online seminar on November 12, 2020 to introduce Spanish FinTech businesses to Japan. This event featured a lecture from a prominent Spanish financial institution at the cutting edge of DX, and also introduced four startup companies from Spain, followed by continued introductions of corporations and startups to NRI customers since then.
To commemorate the execution of the MOU on September 29, 2021, an online seminar was jointly held on said date as a commemorative event. This seminar featured talks aimed at introducing the current state of DX in Spain, Spanish startup pitches,4 and a talk intended to detail current realities in Japan entitled “Outlook in Japan for Digitalization, DX Markets”. Going forward, by holding one to two annual events and conducting occasional business exchanges, the parties will continue to pursue joint activities in order to discover superior Spanish startups and create a bridge for mutual business exchange.

About the Embassy of Spain, Economic and Commercial Office

The Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Japan is proactively advancing the following promotional activities for Spanish products and cutting-edge technologies.

Export Promotion Activities

Various promotional activities, including participation in Official Pavilion trade show, dedicated expos organized by the Economic and Commercial Office, dispatching missions to Japan, inviting missions from Japan to Spain, Spanish expos, and holding specialty seminars.

Investment Promotion Activities

Providing information on Spain’s investment environment, including the economy and labor market; providing materials necessary for preparation of corporate expansion feasibility studies (F/S); activities to promote investment in Spain, including advice and seminars.

  • 1  

    FinTech – Portmanteau of “finance” and “technology”; refers to new services, business areas, etc. created by incorporating IT into banking, securities, insurance, and other areas of the financial sector.

  • 2  

    Smart cities – Metropolitan areas that utilize digital technology with the aim of optimizing their municipal infrastructure, facilities, operations, services, etc., and improving convenience and comfort for the corporations and people inhabiting them.

  • 3  

    FoodTech – Services achieved by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, robotics, and other cutting-edge technologies in the food industry.

  • 4  

    Startup Pitch – Event where startups gather supporters by explaining the appeal of their products and services through short, easy-to-understand presentations.

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