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NRI Launches Solution to Help Build Corporate Privacy Governance

—Partnership Agreement Concluded with OneTrust—

Nov. 19, 2021

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (“NRI”) has concluded a partnership agreement with OneTrust, LLC. (“OneTrust”), a US company engaged in the “privacy tech”1 field involving the use of IT to manage personal information, and on November 15 NRI released a new solution with OneTrust’s products. In addition to offering its trusted and proven consulting services on privacy protection for promoting DX, NRI will provide solutions to make the protection of personal information and privacy more streamlined, more reliable, and more efficient.

NRI Concludes Partnership Agreement with OneTrust, Starts Selling Privacy Tech

OneTrust2 is a leading provider of privacy tech, with over 10,000 companies having adopted their products worldwide (company website: Privacy tech is a tool that assists companies in their efforts to promote the protection of privacy (privacy governance3).
There are various types of privacy tech, with the following being some of its key features.

  • 1.

    Consent management: Provides centralized consent management, preventing from missing consent and using any data that deviates from such consent.

  • 2.

    Assessment automation: Helps conduct privacy impact assessments (PIA) efficiently.

  • 3.

    Data mapping: Identifies where the personal data resides and visualizes them at a glance in a company.

  • 4.

    Data subject request fulfillment: Helps respond to user requests for personal data disclosure, restriction of processing, etc. efficiently.

  • 5.

    Incident Management: Creates and runs workflows when data breaches or other incidents occur.

NRI Begins Providing New Solution Services, in Addition to established Consulting Services

Until now, NRI has provided various consulting services to help Japanese companies build privacy governance, such as revising their privacy policies, establishing privacy protection organizations, and implementing data mapping. Going forward, by combining its services with privacy tech offered by OneTrust, NRI will provide a comprehensive seamless service covering everything from the building of privacy governance to its efficient operation.

In introducing privacy tech to clients, NRI will provide the optimized services in accordance with the level of maturity of their privacy governance. And for clients who have yet to build their own privacy governance systems, NRI can provide consulting services as the first step.

Sample Inquiries, and Services Provided by NRI

  • How do we get started with privacy protection measures?
    →NRI can provide consulting services to help you create privacy protection measures and privacy governance.

  • We want to assess the potential privacy risks in our products and services.
    →NRI can provide consulting services to help you create a privacy impact assessment (PIA) process and solutions to run it efficiently.

  • We want to make our existing privacy governance system/process work more efficiently.
    →NRI can propose suitable privacy tech and can create a process that will enable you to conduct efficient governance.

Going forward, NRI will continue to provide comprehensive consulting services and solutions to help companies build and operate their privacy governance, and to contribute to the creation of a society in which data can be used safely and securely.

  • 1  

    Privacy tech: A solution used by companies, government, and other organizations to protect the privacy of consumers and their employees. All of the solutions that are used to comply with laws and regulations and to protect user privacy—including managing consent obtained from users, responding to user requests for information disclosures etc., visualizing in-house company data, and handling incidents when they arise—fall under the domain of privacy tech.

  • 2  

    Founded: 2016. Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia. Number of overseas locations: 8. Capital raised: Over 90 billion yen. For more details on OneTrust’s solutions, see

  • 3  

    Privacy governance: According to the “Guidebook on Corporate Governance for Privacy in Digital Transformation (DX) ver. 1.1” published jointly by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on July 19, 2021, “To improve corporate value by conducting appropriate risk management and gaining the public trust in the handling of privacy issues, companies should follow a basic approach that involves having their management be committed to actively addressing privacy issues, building systems for addressing privacy issues across the entire organization, and ensuring that these systems function” (Guidebook, p. 10).

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