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NRI Named a “Top 5%” Company for First Time in The S&P Sustainability Yearbook - 2024 Rankings

Feb. 13, 2024

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (“NRI”), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, has been named as one of the top 5% of companies in the IT Services industry category in the S&P Sustainability Yearbook - 2024 Rankings, an ESG rating conducted by S&P Global, a global research and ratings firm1.

About The S&P Sustainability Yearbook - 2024 Rankings

Every year, S&P Global evaluates the sustainability of the world’s leading companies from three aspects: economic, environmental, and social. In addition, companies with high ESG scores from 62 different industries are selected and classified into three categories: “Top 1%,” “Top 5%,” and “Top 10%.” The results are then summarized in “The Sustainability Yearbook” published annually.

In 2024, approximately 9,400 of the world’s leading companies were evaluated, and 759 companies with particularly high scores in their respective industries were included and recognized in the Sustainability Yearbook.
In the IT Services industry category, to which NRI belongs, five companies, including NRI, were selected as outstanding companies in the “Top 5%” or higher.

Evaluation of NRI

Building on its success last year, NRI received high marks in the “Information Security/Cyber Security/System Availability,” “Innovation Management,” and “Climate Change Response Strategy” categories, among others. NRI’s evaluation also improved in “Corporate Governance,” “Tax Strategy,” and other categories for which it actively developed initiatives in FY2023, and we believe this contributed to being named one of the “Top 5%” companies.

NRI was also selected as a constituent of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, which are equity indexes for ESG investment managed by S&P Global.2

The NRI Group will continue to create new value together with various stakeholders and contribute to the creation of a sustainable future society based on our corporate philosophy of “Dream Up the Future.”

  • 1  

    S&P Global: A world-leading financial services company providing credit ratings and benchmarks in the global capital and commodity markets and providing detailed data and insights on key business factors, including ESG.

  • 2  

    Press release for DJSI World, Asia Pacific selection


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