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NRI Formulates the “NRI Group AI Policy”

Feb. 15, 2024

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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On February 13, 2024, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (“NRI”), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, formulated the “NRI Group AI Policy” (the “Policy”). The Policy is a revision of the “NRI Group AI Ethics Guidelines” formulated in 2019.

Background to formulation

Based on the corporate statement of “Dream up the future,” the NRI Group aims to realize a prosperous society that nourishes potential and brings dreams to life, offering a real sense of fulfillment. In 2019, the NRI Group studied and organized various topics brought about by the utilization of AI, and considering discussions with national governments and international organizations, it formulated the “NRI Group AI Policy” that same year1. Since then, with the emergence of generative AI and other advances, the development of other AI technology has progressed rapidly. Recently, there have been growing concerns regarding “content rights infringement” and “false output generation,” and other risks posed by AI utilization etc., and there has been more vigorous debate by national governments and international organizations about such matters.
AI-related technology brings assorted benefits to people’s lives and social activities, but there are concerns about the adverse impact it may have on society. The NRI group recognizes that as a company involved in advancing research, development, and utilization of AI, it has responsibilities with respect to the handling of AI-related technology and believes that it is important to deploy and utilize AI in its business activities in a proper manner. Thus, NRI formulated the Policy to continue with research, development, and utilization of AI while responding to new risks, considering domestic and overseas trends etc. such as those discussed in the “Hiroshima AI Process”2 and the “Draft AI Guidelines for Business (Ministry or Internal Affairs and Communications / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).”3

Gist of the NRI Group AI Policy

The “NRI Group AI Policy” highlighted and added the elements of respect for human rights, accountability, legal compliance, protection of rights, and AI governance to respond not only to the fundamental risks of AI such as “information divulgence,” “bias and unfairness,” and “invasion of privacy,” but also to new risks such as “infringement of copyrights and other rights,” “fallibility and accuracy,” and “inappropriate content generation,” concerns that have been heightened with the introduction of generative AI.

  1. Engaging in dialogue and co-creation with stakeholders
  2. Respecting fairness and human rights
  3. Ensuring transparency and accountability
  4. Ensuring information security and safety
  5. Complying with laws and regulations, and protecting rights
  6. Building AI governance and developing human resources

All NRI Group officers and employees will observe the Policy when utilizing AI to contribute to a sustainable future. Further, the NRI Group will devise mechanisms to properly reflect the intentions and visions of the Policy in its business activities, and revise the Policy as needed based on what is discussed in dialogues with various stakeholders.

  • 1  

    For the announcement at the time of formulation, please see the following URL:

  • 2  

    “Hiroshima AI Process”: A mechanism for discussions, mainly among G-7 industrialized nations, for the formulation of international rules relating to the utilization and development of generative AI.

  • 3  

    “Draft AI Guidelines for Business (Ministry or Internal Affairs and Communications / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)”: Guidelines drafted by the Ministry or Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to “specify basic standpoints concerning necessary initiatives for AI development, provision and use.”


“NRI Group Policy on Human Rights”

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