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Nomura Research Institute Recognized for Work in AI Solution Development during FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2018

May 16, 2018

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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New York, May 16, 2018 - Nomura Research Institute (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, were recognized during the 2018 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards, being awarded "Best Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Initiative."

AI solution development and implementation was a major focus for NRI in 2017. The company announced several major partnerships in 2017 showcasing successful proof of concept studies, including a partnership with Nomura Asset Management analyzing the accuracy of AI analysis in portfolio investment decision making. An additional PoC was conducted with Mizuho Bank for AI implementation in derivative contract procedures.

Along with studies, NRI also completed a successful AI integration with Mizuho securities, implementing NRI's AI-enabled voice recognition systems to supplement Mizuho's investor/customer communication monitoring and analysis system. Firms track these communications for customer service improvements as well as for compliance needs.

"AI was a major initiative for NRI during 2017, as it was for much of the financial services industry across the world. We're excited to be recognized for our work in pushing the development and implementation of thoughtful, AI-based solutions in the industry," said Shigeki Hayashi, Senior Corporate Managing Director of NRI. "As our industry moves forward, we will continue to see new opportunities for AI solutions coupled with even greater potential, and NRI plans to continue to build AI solutions that meet that potential for our clients."

The FTF News Technology Innovation Awards recognize the professionals, vendors, service providers, industry bodies and regulators that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in financial services operations technology during the previous year.

About NRI

NRI (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.), founded in 1965, delivers innovative solutions to your problems by providing insight-driven research, consulting and managed services. Leveraging our expertise, NRI caters to a wide range of operational needs of the international financial services community to establish new industry standard service. NRI empowers clients with a team of 13,000 skilled professionals in more than 50 offices globally.

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