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New Year’s Greetings

Jan. 04, 2019

Shingo Konomoto
President & CEO, Member of the Board
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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As we enter 2019, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Japan’s economy has continued to enjoy moderate growth during this lasting economic recovery, but along with a rising uncertainty about international affairs, we are now seeing some signs of volatility. However, last year, we saw for instance how Japanese companies began undertaking full-scale efforts to meet the needs of a digitalized society, and digitalization investments are becoming a definitive and ever-growing trend.

The NRI Group also posted solid results last year, mainly in fields related to digital transformation. Drawing out the true value of digital transformation requires the ability to conceive of new business models that aren’t trapped in old ways of thinking. By demonstrating the full capabilities of our consulting and solutions services, which are the NRI Group’s strengths, and by enhancing our appeal to our clients’ executive management, we will strive this year to further accelerate our business growth in digital fields.
We saw steady business expansion in the global arena as well. For instance, ASG made real strides in winning large-scale projects in the Australian market, and we also launched service locations in India for supporting global financial institutions.

This year marks the start of our next medium-term management plan, which will carry us through to the final year of our Vision 2022 long-term management vision. While the speed of the changes surrounding us won’t be slowing down, we remain committed to pursuing our mission of boldly conceptualizing the society of the future, and of “building client trust and prospering together with our clients”.

As Japan’s Heisei era draws to a close and a new era is set to begin, let’s resolve to make this year a bright one.

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