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NRI’s New Solutions for Margins and Derivatives Recognized during FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2019

May 15, 2019

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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New York, May 15, 2019 – Nomura Research Institute (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, was recognized by the 2019 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards for innovation in financial technology and has been awarded “Best Collateral Management Solution” and “Best OTC Derivatives Solution.”

Post-trade processing and collateral solutions have been a primary emphasis for their global business, and in 2018 NRI introduced two new solutions, GX Margins and GX Derivatives, to the marketplace.

GX Margins offers a unified solution for all collateral and margin requirements, helping brokerage firms consolidate collateral within a single platform. As financial firms are experiencing the waves of collateral and margining regulations such as Uncleared Margin Rules and FINRA 4210, GX Margins can alleviate their burdens of these new rules. NRI was recognized as a provider who can help firms prevail over an upheaval in a major securities operations.

GX Derivatives is a comprehensive solution for cross-products post-trade processing, and helps clients navigate the increased regulation to stay ahead of the curve for OTC derivative operations. GX Derivatives help clients benefit from global OTC reforms by streamlining transactions and optimizing operational efficiency.

“As regulation continues to ramp up globally, we are excited to be recognized for our work in both operations and post-trade processing solutions as it’s only getting more challenging to comply with the demands,” said Naohiro Sako, Senior Corporate Managing Director of NRI. “Both of our GX solutions are in line with our goal of delivering ‘total solutions’, by giving our clients integrated services that increase not only efficiency but overall corporate value. We are looking forward to the future and how we can continue to provide innovative products to alleviate the challenges our clients are facing.”

The FTF News Technology Innovation Awards recognize the professionals, vendors, service providers, industry bodies and regulators that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in financial services operations technology during the previous year.

About NRI

NRI (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.), founded in 1965, delivers innovative solutions to your problems by providing insight-driven research, consulting and managed services. Leveraging our expertise, NRI caters to a wide range of operational needs of the international financial services community to establish new industry standard service. NRI empowers clients with a team of 13,000 skilled professionals in more than 50 offices globally.

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