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NRI Named to Top 10 in 2019 IDC Financial Insights Fintech Rankings

This marks the tenth consecutive year IDC has named NRI a top ten global fintech provider

Sep. 23, 2019

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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Tokyo, September 23, 2019 – Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, announced today that NRI was ranked No. 10 in IDC's 2019 Financial Insights FinTech Rankings.

NRI has served as a leader in the global financial technology space since the company’s founding over 50 years ago. Providing a suite of solutions from front to back office functions, NRI remains on the cutting edge of innovation in financial services.

Throughout 2018, NRI pioneered AI, machine learning, and voice recognition software for financial services compliance functions, driving forward the cause of automation through fintech and bringing greater levels of efficiency for financial institutions in APAC, North America, and Europe.

In the US, NRI has finalized implementation of NRI solutions as part of Refinitiv’s BETA platform for brokerage solutions, and have kicked off working with other financial institutions in partnership with Refinitiv.

Earlier this year, Nomura Research Institute Financial Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NRI announced the partnership with Digital Asset to create innovative capital markets applications using DAML. DAML is Digital Asset’s open source smart contract language to synchronize business processes and make transaction workflow more transparent and efficient.

“NRI is proud to continue to be recognized by IDC and the community for our contribution to the growth of the fintech ecosystem,” said Shigeki Hayashi, Senior Corporate Managing Director of NRI. “Each year continues to be more exciting than the last as we are seeing more institutions eager to embrace new technologies and implement automated solutions. As global digital transformation evolves, NRI plans to remain at the forefront of the industry.”

The IDC FinTech Rankings, one of the most prominent rankings for technology vendors in the financial services industry, categorize and evaluate technology providers based on calendar year revenues from financial institutions for hardware, software, and/or services.

About NRI

NRI (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.), founded in 1965, delivers innovative solutions to your problems by providing insight-driven research, consulting and managed services. Leveraging our expertise, NRI caters to a wide range of operational needs of the international financial services community to establish new industry standard service. NRI empowers clients with a team of 13,000 skilled professionals in more than 50 offices globally. For more information, visit

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