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Refinitiv and NRI Go-live with Automated International Post-trade Brokerage Processing for Multi-market and Multi-currency Securities

BETA and I-STAR/GX integration allows global diversification for North American wealth management firms.

Oct. 28, 2019

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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New York, October 28, 2019 – Refinitiv and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced that North American wealth management firms can now benefit from their strategic partnership announced in 2018, which enables global diversification for Refinitiv’s retail and institutional clients by including automated international post-trade processing for multi-market and multi-currency securities.

The successful go-live of the software integration of NRI’s I-STAR/GX software platform into Refinitiv’s BETA wealth management brokerage processing platform will benefit wealth management firms by providing automated settlement and straight-through processing of trades executed across all markets. I-STAR/GX allows these processes through a high-volume solution with single-stock record across all asset classes and markets, and real-time updates of intra-day transaction status changes across the settlement lifecycle.

April Rudin, CEO of The Rudin Group, said: “The ongoing growth of any wealth management business depends on its ability to meet the evolving needs of its clients fuelled by advances in digital technology, transparency and the perpetual search for alpha. Refinitiv and NRI’s automated international post-trade brokerage solution will drive a host of benefits by providing greater transparency and speed of service for settlements and clearings.”

Joe Mrak, global head of Wealth Management, Refinitiv, said: “As investment opportunities for wealth management customers grow the world becomes a smaller place, and as those customers gain multi-market access, they also have to face greater regulatory scrutiny. Our fully-automated solution allows for greater transactional efficiency and transparency in custodianship management, and for a stronger compliance environment through mitigated risk and reduced errors.”

Naohiro Sako, Senior Corporate Managing Director, NRI, said: “NRI is consistently working to assure that our solutions incorporate market leading automation and processing technology to best allow our clients to meet customer demand in an era of digital transformation. We are excited to announce the completion of this implementation alongside Refinitiv, as it marks a milestone for service delivery for wealth management brokerages.”

About Refinitiv

Refinitiv is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure, serving over 40,000 institutions in approximately 190 countries. It provides leading data and insights, trading platforms, and open data and technology platforms that connect a thriving global financial markets community - driving performance in trading, investment, wealth management, regulatory compliance, market data management, enterprise risk and fighting financial crime. For more information visit:

About NRI

NRI (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.), founded in 1965, delivers innovative solutions to your problems by providing insight-driven research, consulting and managed services. Leveraging our expertise, NRI caters to a wide range of operational needs of the international financial services community to establish new industry standard service. NRI empowers clients with a team of 13,000 skilled professionals in more than 50 offices globally.
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