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NRI reveals Shingan AD, alternative data insights for global institutional investors

Nov. 14, 2019

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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Tokyo, November 14th, 2019 - Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, announced today they will launch Shingan AD, a new service providing institutional investors with Japanese alternative data and data analysis on December 1st, 2019

The use of alternative data in investment decision-making is growing rapidly. Sourcing, cleansing, and preparing large amount of data for analysis presents a big challenge for institutional investors who are looking for untapped alpha.

NRI’s new offering, Shingan AD, allows institutional investors to easily access Japanese alternative data. A wide range of alternative data collected from Japanese companies and data vendors is available, as well as data processing and analysis services.

“Launching Shingan AD has been an exciting development for NRI, and we’re quite thrilled to see the already high demand for the Japanese alternative data from the global marketplace, particularly from North America,” said Shigeki Hayashi, Senior Corporate Managing Director of NRI.“ We’re proud of this new offering and are committed to helping fund managers and investors find untapped alpha in our market and support their data-driven investment initiatives.”

Shingan AD covers a wide range of data from various industries such as Consumer Transaction, PoS (Point of Sales), Mobile App, Healthcare and Sentiment Score data. Data presentation is customizable to the clients desired format, including raw, processed and/or in combination.

Data Overview Use case
Consumer Transaction Consumers’ purchase information on daily necessities collected from Japan’s largest consumer panel
  • Earnings forecast for retailers
  • Economic trend analysis
PoS Point of sales data collected from Japan’s largest retailer panel
  • Sales trend analysis for consume good manufacturers
  • Regional economy analysis
  • Consumer price index trend analysis
Mobile App Mobile usage data collected from Japan’s largest usage history monitoring source
  • Retailers performance forecast as a tool for asset management and trading
  • Performance analysis on gaming app companies
  • Comparison between payment service providers
Healthcare Prescription drug sales data
  • Pharmaceutical industry’s performance forecast as a tool for asset management and trading
  • Drug trend analysis
Sentiment Scores Score on corporate culture calculated based on employee reviews online
  • Evaluation of corporate culture from employee’s viewpoints and application to asset management and investment / loan evaluation

The data coverage is expected to increase in the future.

image:Shingan AD

For more information on the Shingan AD, visit

About Shingan AD

Shingan AD provides a service for institutional investors and asset managers to gather the most up to date alternative market data from Japan to identify untapped alpha and support data-driven investment decisions. Shingan AD offers a unified source for the latest data from Japanese corporations and data vendors, as well as data processing and analysis services, data matching and contract executions. Shingan AD is available to asset managers across the global marketplace. For more information visit

About Shingan Series

Combining state-of-the-art digital technology and existing data, Shingan Series, a group of NRI solutions, aims to “find the true values” of your assets. The first solution, Shingan, was launched in early 2019. Using AI, Shingan enables users to automatically extract Japanese data from multiple documents in different formats and relay it to a succeeding systems. Shingan AD is now added to Shingan Series as a new offering.

About Nomura Research Institute (NRI)

Founded in 1965, NRI is a leading global provider of system solutions and consulting services, including management consulting, system integration, and IT management and solutions for financial, manufacturing, retail and service industries. Clients partner with NRI to expand businesses, design corporate structures and create new business strategies. NRI has about 13,000 employees in more than 50 offices globally including New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. NRI reports annual sales above $4.2 billion. For more information, visit

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