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NRI Australia Acquires Planit Test Management Solutions Pty Ltd

Expanding Growth in Australia with the Acquisition of the No. 1 Software Quality Assurance Company

May 17, 2021

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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Tokyo, May 17, 2021 - Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) today announced its wholly owned Australian subsidiary Nomura Research Institute Australia, Pty Ltd (Headquarters: Sydney Australia) completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of SQA Holdco Pty Ltd (the ultimate parent of Planit Test Management Solutions Pty Ltd “Planit”) on May 14, 2021.

Increasing Importance of Software Quality Assurance Services

Software Quality Assurance Services are utilized in testing that the design and development of IT systems are functioning according the required specifications. In Japan, in most cases the customer relies on the system integrator for the entire design process including responsibility for quality control. However, in Europe, US and other Western nations, many companies develop their own systems internally. In order to increase the quality of those systems, in general these companies rely on quality testing from external testing companies, and the importance of this service is increasing greatly.

Demand for high level quality control is now the norm as government and financial institutions’ IT services function as social platforms that support the average consumer. Even a single service delay or information leak can have disastrous effects. Therefore, more and more companies are actively involving quality control professionals from the early stages of system development to build in a certain level of quality to system design and development. Furthermore, with recent digital transformation (DX) initiatives, efficiency of software quality assurance and automation have become essential in order to meet demand for faster system development.

With this increased importance and demand the software quality assurance market continues to grow, exhibiting 8% growth from 2015 to 2019 in Oceania, which far outpaced the overall IT investment average growth rate of 4%. A further high level of growth is expected going forward.

Planit – Oceania’s No. 1 Software Quality Assurance Services

Planit is headquartered in Sydney Australia. At Planit, we are quality specialists. Planit enables its clients to accelerate their delivery of quality software through our comprehensive range of quality assurance services, training, accelerators and on-demand solutions.
With offices across Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom, our 1,500+ strong team includes specialists across functional testing, automation, performance, monitoring, virtualization, devops, agile, accessibility, security and more.


Name Planit Test Management Solutions Pty Ltd
Address 152 Gloucester St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Locations Australia, New Zealand, India, United Kingdom
Business Testing and support, testing strategy, planning and test efficiency consulting, test automation support and training
Established 1997
Consolidated Sales A$151m (as of June 2020)
Employees Approximately 1,300

Background to the Planit Acquisition

The Planit acquisition demonstrates NRI’s steady expansion of its Australian and overall global footprint in line with its long-term management vision “Vision2022”. NRI is expanding its business portfolio in Australia. Following the acquisition of ASG Group Limited (“ASG”, Headquarters: Perth Australia) as a wholly owned subsidiary in December 2016, NRI completed the acquisition of 100% of Australian Investment Exchange Limited’s (“AUSIEX”, Headquarters: Sydney Australia) shares from Commonwealth Bank of Australia Limited (Headquarters: Sydney Australia) in May 2021. With the acquisition of Planit NRI plans to leverage Planit’s intellectual property and customer coverage in order to expand its offerings in Oceania along with the other quality companies in NRI’s portfolio. In the future NRI also plans to expand Planit’s offerings to Japan and other areas of Asia.

NRI and Planit share a commitment to quality, and by welcoming Planit to the NRI Group, both companies can further take advantage of their strengths in realizing NRI’s mission deliver social value by creating a safe and secure society.

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