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HOME News News Release List NRI’s PSS solution wins ‘Best Outsourcing Provider’ at 2022 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards

NRI’s PSS solution wins ‘Best Outsourcing Provider’ at 2022 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards

May 09, 2022

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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New York, May 9th, 2022- Nomura Research Institute (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced its Prime Settlement Solution (PSS) was awarded “Best Outsourcing Provider” by FTF News Technology Innovation’s 2022 awards program.

NRI’s PSS solution improves the efficiency of back-office processes, enhances operational flow through reduced resource spending on recruiting and training, alleviates integration burdens on users, and enables securities businesses to launch with lower risk and shorter launch duration. Introduced in 2015, PSS is the first utility service for investment banks in Japan that integrates both BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) services to improve the efficiency of post-trade processes.
“We are very proud to be recognized as a leading provider of utility services for many of our financial institutions clients,” says Hiroyuki Nakayama, Senior Managing Director at NRI. “Outsourcing plays a key role for many facets of securities operations, and we have worked hard to develop a solution that is highly stable and reliable, allowing clients to save time, money, and to operate with ease.”

Some features of NRI’s PSS solution include:

  • Strong support to launch businesses with BPO and ITO with a proven track record of success;
  • Full-service support for Japanese equities, Japanese bonds, international securities, listed futures and options and mutual funds;
  • Standardized and efficient operational processes with high-quality service including exception processing, communication with both Japanese and international clients and settlement institutions, bilingual (English and Japanese) service, support for internal and external audits and regulatory monitoring services;
  • Stable IT infrastructure: PSS's ITO component is known as NRI's I-STAR, a de-facto-standard system used by over 40 companies in Japan's investment banking sector;
  • Operational stability with ongoing service level agreements (SLAs)

“In today’s increasingly complex business environment, global financial services firms strive for a reduction of fixed costs, IT management and vendor management costs. NRI’s solution has proven they can meet those needs and have been awarded the 2022 FTF News Technology Innovation Award for Best Outsourcing Provider,” says Maureen Lowe, founder, and president of FTF and FTF News. “As we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the FTF Awards, we want to congratulate NRI for their continued dedication to high-quality and reliable solutions that serve leading firms in the financial services industry.”
The FTF News Technology Innovation Awards recognize the professionals, vendors, service providers, industry bodies and regulators that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in financial services operations technology throughout the past year . NRI has previously won FTF awards for its PSS solution and its T-STAR suite, a solution for asset managers and trust banks.

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