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Wishing Everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Jan. 04, 2023

Shingo Konomoto
Chairman, President & CEO, Representative Director, Member of the Board
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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Last year saw severe environmental changes brought on by prolonged geopolitical risks promulgated on economic uncertainty, coupled with deepening effects on consumers from a historically weak Yen, inflation, and other factors. With that, the need for business transformation remained steady, and NRI worked with our clients to steadily achieve successful results.

2023 marks the beginning of NRI Group’s new long-term vision. Under that new vision, the society that NRI Group innovates is a “prosperous society that nourishes potential and brings dreams to life”; a “sustainable society that connects knowledge to treat the planet wisely”; a “resilient society that promotes safety and security”. We will answer society’s call by realizing insight into the prosperity that lies beyond DX, and by dynamically transforming the world with “Digital Social Capital” through NRI Group’s core strength of consulting and IT solutions.

2023 is also the start of NRI Group’s new 3-year medium-term management plan. This year is the important first step in realizing the promotion of DX and global strategies, expanding our core domains, and amplifying and expanding human capital, intellectual capital in realizing our new long-term vision.
While maintaining the highest quality standards with foresight and acute attention to detail, NRI Group continues to pursue insatiable challenges as we grow together with our clients.

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