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Takeshi Jingu

Senior Researcher
Financial Market & Digital Business Research Department

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Takeshi Jingu


November 1994 Senior Economist, Chief of Economic Research & Developing Economic Research Sections Nomura Research Institute
May 2001 Senior Economist, Head of Socio-Economic Research Division, Nomura Research Institute Hong Kong
April 2004 Senior Economist, Nomura Securities Beijing Representative Office
October 2006 Chief Representative, Senior Economist, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research, Beijing Representative Office
August 2010 General Manager, Financial Market & Innovation Research Division, Nomura Research Institute Beijing


Since joining NRI in 1983, Takeshi Jingu has been consistently involved in macro-economic and capital market research. Beginning in the 1990’s, Mr. Jingu led research on the American economy with Nomura Research Institute America, while simultaneously conducting research of the Japanese economy at the Economic Research Department’s Tokyo headquarters. Mr. Jingu spent more than 18 years in China, namely in Hong Kong and in Beijing, researching the trends of the Chinese economy, along with the financial institutions and markets of the region. Relocated back in Japan in 2019, Mr. Jingu currently continues the research in Japan, serving as Senior Researcher.


  • Macro economic Analysis. Recently, analysis of China’s economic structural reform.
  • Analysis of China’s financial system and capital markets


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