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Hitomi Kawahashi

Senior Researcher
Financial Market & Digital Business Research Department

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Hitomi Kawahashi


Hitomi Kawahashi specializes in domestic and foreign financial institutions and their management, with a focus on business and risk management. She has been involved in research and consulting activities for the financial industry for almost 20 years, and is using her expertise to make strides in research for asset management risk and best practices consulting.

Ms. Kawahashi has performed comparisons of national and international research institutions, conducted research on new regulations of financial institutions abroad, and made significant progress in research on the current state of domestic financial institutions' risk management systems. In addition Ms. Kawahashi has supported the advancement of ALM and risk management systems, such as credit risk for major domestic financial institutions and banks. She has supported the advancement of management structure and risk appetite framework and RAROC, as well as supported new regulations such as Basel 2, 2.5 and 3.


  • Trends in domestic and international financial systems
  • Risk management strategy of domestic and foreign financial institutions (Credit risk, ALM risk, Securities operations etc.)
  • The internal control system of domestic and foreign financial institutions (Risk appetite framework, RAROC etc.)
  • Reform of US financial institutions’ retail business models


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