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Katsutoshi Takehana

Group Manager
Financial Market & Digital Business Research Department

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Katsutoshi Takehana


Katsutoshi Takehana is a researcher for the Financial Technology and Market Research Department (FTMR), NRI. Prior to joining FTMR in 2012, Mr. Takehana has been in consulting division at NRI and involved in research and consulting activities for the government administration offices. He had led several projects such as development of macro-economic model for the policy analysis, development of real estate price indices and improvement of capital stock statistics in Japanese SNA. In FTMR, Mr. Takehana plays a key role in money flow analysis and monetary policy research.

Mr. Takehana is also an external adviser for the public cash management committee at Saitama prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Toyama prefecture and Yokohama city.


  • Macro economic analysis
  • Financial market analysis
  • Economic Statistics


  • "Financial Services in Japan" (January 2020)
  • "The relationship between land price and macroeconomy", People and Land Jan. 2013
  • "Flows of funds in Japan and the amendment of PFI Law", NRI Public management review Nov. 2011
  • An introduction to Infrastructure Funds (with Takayuki Fukuda and Tomohiko Taniyama), Toyo Keizai 2010

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