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Takashi Yoshinaga

Head of Research Financial Services Research Group
Nomura Research Institute America, Inc.

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Takashi Yoshinaga


Takashi Yoshinaga has been dedicated to studies on the U.S. financial services industry in New York for the last two decades, specializing in investment banking, wealth management and regional banking business. Mr. Yoshinaga focuses on various aspects of the industry, including business strategies, operation and relevant regulations. Prior to joining NRI America in 2005, he was Senior Analyst and Chief Representative of the New York Office of Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, a Japanese nonprofit research organization founded under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Finance in Japan. Mr. Yoshinaga has published more than 200 research and analysis reports with various trade and institutional publications. His research is based on intensive quantitative and qualitative analysis with more than 5,000 interviews conducted in the U.S. and Japan. Additionally, Mr. Yoshinaga is an active member of the Money Management Institute.


  • U.S. wealth management firms’ strategies, marketing and operations
  • U.S. retail banks’ strategies, marketing and operations
  • U.S. and European investment banks’ strategies
  • U.S. financial regulations
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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Corporate Communications Department