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Satoshi Nakane

Brierley & Partners Japan
President and CEO

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Satoshi Nakane joined Nomura Research Institute in 2004. After leading numerous projects in the fields of business strategy development, marketing strategy development and implementation support as a management consultant, he was transferred to Brierley & Partners Japan in 2017. There, he has been engaged in the development of loyalty services in Japan, leveraging the knowledge and know-how from Brierley's U.S. headquarters.


  • Customer strategy (CX strategy, customer engagement and loyalty strategy) planning and implementation support
  • Digital marketing strategy planning and implementation support
  • Business strategy planning and implementation support
  • New business planning and implementation support


Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of Civil Engineering
Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of Civil Engineering
(Graduate School)
Joined NRI, Consulting Department
Assigned to Brierley & Partners Japan
Appointed President and CEO of Brierley & Partners Japan


Point programs have been developed to improve CX (customer experience) and to retain customers, but as the competition around point redemption has become more intense, they are no longer enough to guarantee customer retention. The essence of improving CX is to build a brand experience that strengthens the connection with customers, not to give away points as a means to increase loyalty. At Brierley, we want to strengthen the bond our clients have with their customers and help them improve their brand value by addressing the critical business issue of increasing customer loyalty, without losing sight of the essence of what they do.

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