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Shinichiro Ohno

Platform Services Development Department

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Shinichiro Ohno joined Nomura Research Institute in 2008.
Since joining the company, he has been involved in system development for the finance and insurance sector as an architect and DB engineer.
Due to his experience in corporate data utilization, he has been in charge of projects involving the use of machine learning (such as AutoML) and optimization technology (such as quantum computing) for various industries such as finance, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing.

-Member of MCPC Quantum Computer Promotion WG
-DataRobot Certified Data Scientist (best in Japan)
-DataRobot MVP of the year 2019


  • Formulation of AI business application and utilization strategies
  • Support for machine learning/AutoML application
  • Support for application of optimization technology including quantum computers


  • Analysis and development of ecommerce website demand forecasting model (retail)
  • Improvement of logistics route using machine learning and optimization technology (manufacturing)
  • Application of machine learning to improve profitability of commercial facilities (real estate)
  • Study of default risk calculation model for lending operations (finance)
  • Visualization of customer behaviour and improvement of customer communication including advertising (food and real estate)
  • PoC for quantum computing and peripheral technology research


His publications include "Expanding quantum computing and its potential for social implementation" (MCPC Quantum Computer Promotion WG Technical journal)

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Other Activities

  • Member of MCPC Quantum Computer Promotion WG
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Corporate Communications Department