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IT Platform Services

Managed Services

We provide private cloud / public cloud operation services along with maintenance and management services for infrastructure, in addition to managed services that can back each other up with several large data centers located in Japan.

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Enterprise systems are evolving into enormous and complex mechanisms supporting inter-enterprise networks and global supply chains asbusiness activities expand. Interruption of these results not only in making continuation of business difficult, but also has an impact on society.
With over half a century of accomplishments in system operation, NRI provides a variety of solutions for the facilities required for ensuring stable operation of enterprise systems around the clock.

Image of IT solution infrastructure

Product Lineup

Senju Family

System administration software for the improvement of quality and optimization of costs of IT services. By standardizing procedures and automating processes, it is possible to flawlessly ensure efficient operation of even giant systems.


We provide a SaaS system operation environment based on the Senju Family.

Outsourcing / Data Center / BC / DR Consulting & Solutions

  • Utilizing many years of experience and accomplishments, we provide a wide range of outsourcing services related to IT operation spanning from data centers to system operation.
  • As for BC/DR, we provide services spanning from consulting on planning to those related to backup systems and offices.

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