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IT Platform Services

Managed Services

We provide private/public cloud operation services along with infrastructure maintenance and management services in addition to BCP with several large data centers located in Japan.

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With over half a century of accomplishments in systems operations, NRI provides a variety of solutions facilities that ensure the stable operation of enterprise systems around the clock.

Image of NRI IT solution infrastructure

Product Lineup

Senju Family

A system administration software to improve the quality and minimize costs of IT Services. By standardizing procedures and automating processes, it is now possible to flawlessly ensure the efficient operations of even giant systems.


A SaaS IT management product to optimize the management of multi-cloud environments.

Outsourcing / Data Center / BC / DR Consulting & Solutions

  • Outsourcing services related to IT operations including data centers to system operations.
  • BC/DR services include consulting on planning, creating backup systems and office management.

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