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Cloud integration uses a next-generation cloud environment to rapidly transform system infrastructure.

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NRI has created system infrastructure for the stable operation of enterprise systems by using the latest technologies. Cloud integration using a next-generation cloud environment can optimize the quality, cost and life cycle of your system infrastructure.

Product Lineup

OpenStandia(Japanese Only)

One-stop support for the operation, construction and implementation of open source software.

aslead(Japanese Only)

An integrated development management service that provides seamless information sharing and analysis of issue management in the development of large-scale systems, improving the quality of deliverables and efficiency in operations.

ObjectWorks+(Japanese Only)

Enables the creation of highly flexible Web applications, while reducing costs and increasing development speed by providing multiple general-purpose functions.

TRAINA(Japanese Only)

NRI’s AI solution to maximize efficiency and quality of your customer service operations.

PCLifecycleSuite(Japanese Only)

An outsourcing service with a track record of 100,000 devices, providing end-point LCM services covering the entire life cycle of devices including business computers and tablets, and cloud services for device management.

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