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As enterprises’ business strategies and business processes become inseparable from IT, the ability to utilize IT has a significant impact on the competitiveness of a company. NRI provides diverse services to enterprises in a wide range of segments and government institutions to support the improvement of enterprises’ ability to utilize IT, such as supporting the formulation of IT strategy and the planning and implementation of business reforms utilizing IT, establishing standard architecture, and establishing group and global IT governance.

NRI possesses original methodologies for reforming IT operation based on practical know-how that it has accumulated from its numerous accomplishments. Leveraging these methodologies, consultants with abundant experience who are familiar with both business and IT work as one with customers to engage in the improvement of their ability to utilize IT.

Strengths of NRI’s System Consulting Service

Service Pioneer

A Pioneer in System Consulting Services

NRI began its system consulting service (System Clinic) in 1984 ahead of the industry.
The diverse know-how accumulated during this period has been formulated into methodologies to provide services to customers.


Vendor-free Neutrality

NRI stands in the the customer’s position to support the drafting of IT strategies truly required for business strategies, and the selection of optimal measures and technologies for executing strategies.
We support the establishment of IT infrastructure and IT procurement by combining optimal vendors and technologies.

Ability to execute

Ability to execute design, development and operation in the NRI Group

We have many consultants with experience in NRI projects as system integrators and outsourcers.
They provide more practical solutions and also support their execution.

Service Lineup