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IT for Management

We support the effective utilization of “information” as a management base.

・Do you have an ideal target for utilization of information and an IT strategy for realizing this?

・Do you make decisions based on appropriate information?

・Are you able to provide group and global IT governance?

Formulation of information strategy

  • Support for the formulation of information strategy

Utilization of information

  • Support for the visualization of management information

Creation of mechanisms

  • Support for the creation of an IT governance stance
  • CIO assistance (decision-making support, etc.)

Coordination of business and IT

We support collaboration between business divisions and the IT division with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage.

・Is IT effective for making products and services more competitive?

・Are current business systems optimally updated?

・Are there any business systems that have simply been built and are not utilized?

Business system concepts and planning

  • Transformation of sales and channels, CRM
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Supply chain redesign service
  • Procurement support
  • Work style reform
  • PMI, business and system integration

Business system evaluation

  • Visualization and evaluation of existing systems (quality, costs, state of utilization)
  • System audit support

Appropriate operation of IT

We support introduction of optimal information technology with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage.

・Are you effectively incorporating constantly evolving information technology?

・Is your IT able to flexibly and swiftly respond to changes in management and business?

・Are IT investment and cost constantly high?

Introduction of IT management

  • CTO assistance (support for advanced utilization of IT, etc.)

IT grand design

  • Global architecture design
  • Formulation of architecture standards
  • SOA design
  • Cloud integration (from public/private hybrid to integration with on-premise systems)

Reduction of IT costs

  • Support for the management of IT investment and cost management methods
  • Support for the drafting of IT cost reduction measures

We support ensuring QCD of increasingly complex and large projects.

・Are you able to appropriately understand the content of projects?

・Are you able to manage many relevant personnel inside and outside the company?

Rationalization of procurement

  • Support for RFP formulation
  • Support for execution of procurement

Appropriate management of projects

  • Support for execution of project management
  • Support for execution of integrated management of complex projects

We support securing the capability to provide IT.

・Are business divisions satisfied with the work of the IT division?

・Are relationships with vendors left to take their course?

・Are next-generation IT personnel being trained?

Strengthening of planning functions

  • Support for the redesign of IT operation functions and organizations
  • Support for the formulation of IT personnel training policies and plans

Strengthening of execution functions

  • Support for the formulation of growth strategies of information subsidiaries
  • Support for the redesign of sourcing formats

Creation of mechanisms

  • Support for standardization of processes (development, project management, maintenance, operation)

Fundamental reform

  • Support for the formulation and execution of plans for IT division restructuring

We support the creation of mechanisms that ensure IT is not a management risk.

・Are you able to explain the state of IT operation to management?

・Are countermeasures against threats such as disasters and information security well prepared?

Improvement of ability to provide explanations

  • Support for the creation of “IT White Papers”
  • Support for the formulation of IT-related internal rules

Countermeasures against threats

  • Support for formulation of IT-BCPs
  • Support for the creation of an integrated risk management stance
  • Support for the formulation and execution of data center plans
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