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Advisor Platform

Solution supporting financial institutions' retail sales representatives *

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There has been a recent shift in retail investment clients demanding a more goal-oriented, proposal-based portfolio approach, which is driving sales representatives to further improve the advisory services they provide. NRI has developed the NRI Advisor Platform solution to meet the industry's evolving needs.

*For your business in Japan.


The Advisor Platform provides a framework of integrated tools to support goal-oriented, proposal-based sales activities.

In order to develop the best possible investment portfolio for a client, sales representatives must complete various processes, including ascertaining what assets clients possess, evaluating their ever-changing portfolios, reviewing and rebalancing these portfolios, and setting new goals based on the client's background information, such as risk appetite and investment inclination.

NRI's Advisor Platform allows the sales representative to manage all of their clients' data in one place, linking information between the relevant applications.

In addition, Advisor Platform easily integrates with NRI's securities back-office systems, allowing clients to view operations information in real-time.


Brokerage firms


The Advisor Platform provides sales representatives with various types of client and sales activity information.

Financial advisors can view the information in various formats, including in a full client list.
Aggregated view of clients information

Aggregated view of clients information

The service allows clients to view comprehensive and summarized information that ranges from basic client data, such as address and age, to more detailed information necessary to provide advice, including assets under management and assets sales information.

Support for investment consulting

The Advisor Platform service also comes with tools to help sales representatives create proposals, provide them to clients, and make fund allocations based on the proposals.

By connecting to NRI's back-office systems, Advisor Platform allows users to check various information, such as a client's assets under management, in real-time.

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