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BANKSTAR® Implementation Service

Accounting system solution *

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NRI partnered with Koto-ku, Tokyo-headquartered BIPROGY Inc.. (BIPROGY) to jointly develop BANKSTAR®, an accounting system for the banking industry.

*For your business in Japan.


BANKSTAR® is an open accounting system that Nihon Unisys developed for banks that have no physical branches. Similar to the firm’s open accounting system for regional banks, BankVision®, which has been implemented at seven regional banks as of March 31, 2013, BANKSTAR® combines a Windows® platform with Nihon Unisys’s open financial processing platform MIDMOST® - operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When deploying BANKSTAR® at client sites, NRI handles application development and Nihon Unisys is responsible for constructing the platform.


BANKSTAR® is primarily designed to address the needs of banks with no branches.


1. Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Online services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. BANKSTAR® operations switch between weekday and holiday servers, ensuring maintenance can be performed without suspending services to customers.

2. Consolidated system includes only necessary functions for Japanese banking operations

In order to streamline the processes for customers, BANKSTAR® includes only traditional functions necessary to carry out banking operations, making the system extremely compact.

3. Modular application structure enables easy modification

Functions are grouped by operation (ordinary deposits, time deposits, etc.), making it possible to easily add additional operations and modify functions.

4. Comes with extensive documentation

The system comes standard with extensive documentation, ranging from an overview design document, which is necessary for development of and can be used to get an overall feel for the application, to basic design documents.

5. System configured to expand reliably

BANKSTAR® can be scaled up or scaled out to handle transactions and data volume growth. Banks currently using the system have run it with one million accounts.


The BANKSTAR® solutions package includes all the functions necessary to handle Japanese banking products and is implemented as a service after conducting an operational and system-gap analysis.


Yen ordinary deposits, yen fixed deposits, yen separate deposits, ATM card (issuing and managing cards), issuing statements, transfers between accounts, bulk transfers, salary deposits (compatible with the Zengin format)


Card loans

Domestic foreign exchange

Telegraphic fund transfers, MT data file transfers

Connection to external systems

Integrated ATM, Zengin (RC), ANSER, CAFIS

Connection to customer channels

ATM connectivity, net banking (Internet, mobile, phone, etc.), EB connectivity


Customer management, fee management

Accounting (daily accounting), expenses, etc.

Accounting (daily accounting), expenses, settlement

Supervising authorities

Reports, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan

*BANKSTAR、BankVision、MIDMOST is a registered trademark of Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
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*The contents of this page are current as of March 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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