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Financial information analysis and reference data services for financial institutions *

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e-AURORA is a platform that enables financial institutions, such as brokerage and asset management firms, to collect, analyze and distribute investment data, both internally and externally.

*For your business in Japan.


The e-AURORA comprehensive solutions suite supports all of the financial institutions' investment data needs.

With e-AURORA products and services, firms can create customized reports using various security/firm type summary data and charts, while processing vast volumes of investment data on more than 200 diagram types, which are readily available via the browser. The e-AURORA suite includes financial data terminal service e-AURORA Beacon×Qr1, e-AURORA SUPER FOCUS, an investment data analysis offering; a fund data download service, e-AURORA Fundmark/DL.


Approximately 300 financial institutions and asset management companies use the e-AURORA suite.


1. e-AURORA Beacon×Qr1 (financial data terminal service)

  1. Rich source of financial data for securities and fund management firms.
  2. Covers various asset classes, including Japanese equities, mutual funds, foreign exchange, foreign index data, and financial news.
  3. Retail department at securities firms can utilize security registration, stock comparison, charts analysis and alert function. 
  4. Function to link to Excel and tablet version is available.
  5. Can connect to NRI’s STAR-IV services.

2. e-AURORA SUPER FOCUS (financial information analysis service)

  1. The wizard function enables users to conduct various high-level calculations, from macro-economic analysis, through investment, bonds, stocks, and CBs analysis, as well as research and verification of investment ideas.
  2. Provides more than 100 processing functions needed for time series analysis.
  3. Users can conduct historical analysis on the rich set of reference data available in the system that has been gathered by NRI since the 1960s.
  4. NRI's rich financial information database was cultivated through professional use and contains data that meets investment analysis needs.
  5. As part of the service, NRI's specialized staff will work to incorporate an existing in-house database, and will continually update and maintain one complete dataset, allowing the client to concentrate on conducting proprietary analysis.

3. e-AURORA Fundmark/DL (fund data download service)

  1. Extensive fund data provides insight into trends for commonly purchased funds in Japan.
  2. Can be configured for access through user's PCs.
  3. Data can be easily downloaded into most commonly used spreadsheet software, further improving productivity.
  4. Provides accurate daily estimated sales values for individual funds ahead of public release. 


e-AURORA Beacon×Qr1 (financial data terminal service)

e-AURORA Beacon×Qr1 is a terminal service that provides financial data on Japanese stocks, mutual funds, foreign exchange, foreign index, and financial news in real-time. Financial institutions who have a retail or fund management department as well as non-financial corporations can benefit from the solution. We provide connection to STAR services as an optional service. 

e-AURORA SUPER FOCUS (investment data analysis service)

SUPER FOCUS is a flexible data analytics platform for various investment instruments, such as stocks, bonds, corporate finance data, and economic data. Through the intuitive wizard function, clients can conduct time series analysis based on rich historical data NRI accumulated since the 1960s, using more than 100 processing functions. SUPER FOCUS also provides ongoing support for creating documents using spreadsheet and presentation software, and for creating multi-axis graphs specific to financial analysis.

e-AURORA Fundmark/DL (fund data download service)

Fundmark/DL is a data service for mutual fund research and analysis, able to analyze an extensive range of funds commonly purchased in Japan, including publically-offered mutual funds, such as unit mutual funds and international funds, and Japanese privately-offered variable annuity mutual funds. Clients can also incorporate data not impacted by performance analysis, including data pertaining to sales trends.


*e-AURORA is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2024. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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