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eFront Implementation Service

Solution for Alternative Investment Management

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NRI provides implementation support and helpdesk services for eFront, a leading technology solution for alternative investment management.


eFront is the world’s leading technology solution for alternative investment management with recognized expertise in alternative investments management and risk management.
NRI provides comprehensive support for eFront’s implementation and helpdesk services.

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Limited Partners, General Partners, Asset Servicers

eFront's Solutions

1. eFront Invest

Information management and analysis functions to optimize pre- and post-trade operations.

  • During pre-trade operations, it enables to systematically register, manage, search and share information regarding fund selecting process. For post-trade operations, it enables to systematically manage and visually disclose fund information such as investment structure, cash flow and fund performance.

2. eFront Hosting

Hosting service for eFront Invest

  •   It hosts eFront Invest with Amazon Web Service. The service includes hardware monitoring, and Disaster Recovery is available as an optional service.

3. eFront Data Intelligence

Data collection and provision service

  • It collects reports submitted by General Partner, evaluates the validity and provides data.


  1. Systematically manages pre-trade operation with CRM and process management function
  2. Makes it easy to manage cash flow and calculate fund KPIs
  3. Significantly reduces monitoring and reporting burden
  4. Collects fund management status data and provides the data in a format that can be easily uploaded to eFront Invest
  5. Offers comprehensive helpdesk services and support as well as running test in case of solution version ups

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