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FundWeb Library

Mutual Fund Documents Manager *

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FundWeb Library is an electronic document management solution that enables mutual funds and distributors, such as banks, securities firms, and insurance companies, to efficiently share documents.

*For your business in Japan.


FundWeb Library is an integrated document management solution that links mutual fund management companies and distributors. With this solution, various documents (prospectuses, investment reports, monthly reports, weekly reports, etc.) from management companies are automatically delivered to designated distributors' electronic commerce and investor relations websites, electronic distribution services, as well as NRI's various information solutions.

FundWeb Library also improves mutual fund sales through increased operational efficiency by including the ability to manage shipments of necessary printed materials for face-to-face sales meetings.


Asset management firms, banks, broker dealers, life insurance companies, More than 100 firms


Increase document management operations efficiency

More than 100 mutual fund management companies and distributors use FundWeb Library. Traditionally, documents were exchanged via email, which required the management company to individually contact each distributor, adding a cumbersome layer to operations. FundWeb Library makes it possible to share documents with all distributors at once by submitting the document one time, increasing operational efficiency. In addition, it is possible to search for and obtain previously submitted documents.

Ability to automatically deliver documents to investor relations websites

Documents submitted to FundWeb Library can be automatically delivered to mutual fund distributors' websites including, online trading, electronic commerce, Internet banking, and investor relations sites. This service can be combined with other NRI solutions such as BESTWAY, ValueDirect, STAR-MF and POSTUB, for further flexibility through interconnectivity.

Easy to implement

As a web-based SaaS solution, FundWeb Library is operated and managed at NRI's data center, freeing customers from the need to back up data and upgrade software, minimizing the burden of maintaining the system. In addition, there is no need for special terminals as this Internet-based service can be used with computers running Windows.

Includes a copy management function

In addition to handling documents related to mutual funds, FundWeb Library also allows clients to manage the physical materials needed for face-to-face sales meetings. In the past, this information was distributed via email or fax. FundWeb Library makes it possible to integrate and manage the sharing of information among multiple offices.


Electronic document management function

Mutual fund management companies can submit mutual fund documents, including prospectuses and investment reports, to FundWeb Library and share them with distributors. The service allows distributors not only to view electronic documents at their office, but also to automatically post the documents on investor relations websites linking them with other NRI systems.

Copy management function

With this function, mutual fund management companies and distributors can manage orders for printed documents (such as prospectuses and investment reports) necessary for conducting in-person sales meetings. In the past, orders in various formats were placed in many ways, including by email and fax. FundWeb Library provides an integrated and standardized order format.

*FundWeb is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
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*The contents of this page are current as of April 2024. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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