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Back-office solution for securities firms *

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Most global securities companies looking to enter the Japanese market, as well as Japan-based wholesale brokerages, are using NRI's I-STAR/CORE, the industry's de facto standard infrastructure. I-STAR/CORE ensures that firms are fully compliant with local Japanese securities regulation. From execution entry, settlement and accounting to statutory reporting, the solution provides a wide range of functions that are required for securities back-office operations.

*For your business in Japan.


I-STAR/CORE is a securities back-office system offering finely tuned operations support for wholesale brokerage firms - from execution to settlement and accounting - while constantly updating to meet the perpetually changing needs of the Japanese securities industry. Since its launch in 1987, I-STAR has been adopted by more than 100 financial institutions, and has become the de facto standard for the Japanese wholesale securities industry.


Brokerage firms, trust banks, banks, and life insurance companies


I-STAR/CORE has been named "Best Clearing and Settlement Solution" by FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2017, as part of the publication's 2017 Institutional Trading Awards.
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1. Comprehensive back-office support for wholesale brokerage firms

  1. Implementation of execution management, settlement management, securities balance management, fund balance management, customer accounts, accounting, and external reporting functions
  2. Support for various principal listed products, such as cash, futures, and options, as well as for foreign securities, bonds, bond loans, and stock loans

2. Functions for global players

  1. Bilingual (Japanese/English) input and output
  2. Multi- currency or yen exchange-based account processing

3. Compliant with legislative and settlement systems

  1. Regulatory reporting compliant with general accounting standards and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  2. Ability to create reports for public institutions, such as stock exchanges and Securities Dealers' Associations, etc.
  3. System functions interoperable with the Japan Securities Depository Center and the Bank of Japan settlement system

4. Open and compatible data interface

  1. Along with a screen input option, the data interface features 30 types of upload and 80 types of download functions
  2. Customers can integrate their internal data systems with I-STAR/CORE through FTP and MQ connections

How it works

  • I-STAR/CORE delivers true straight-through processing (STP), from execution to settlement.
  • I-STAR/CORE's multiple, compatible data interfaces enable seamless integration with customer systems.
  • Clients can link to the Japan Securities Depository Center settlement system through the I-STAR settlement solution.


I-STAR/CORE is an application service provider (ASP) solution delivered through direct connections with NRI's data center servers.


A comprehensive back-office solution for post-trading processing - from execution to accounting.

I-STAR settlement solution

The I-STAR settlement solutions suite includes services such as real-time connections between I-STAR and NRI's data center and direct connections with the Japan Securities Depository Center and the Bank of Japan settlement system. Each component can be used as a standalone solution, and can be integrated into a client's internal systems.

    I-STAR/CX is a real-time settlement management solution designed to automate Japan Securities Depository Center settlement transfer operations.
    Through I-STAR/CX, clients can manage their securities balance and segregated accounts, compatible with the electronic share certificate system, for the Japan Securities Depository Center in real-time. Stock exchange settlement netting and non-resident settlement matching (release flag management) can also be automated with the system. I-STAR/CX provides real-time matching and settlement management.
    In addition, the service supports member information management compatible with the electronic share certificate system, collateral management, shareholder notification and organization agent functions.
    A real-time settlement management solution for electronic connections to the BOJ-NET.
    The system provides front-to-back support for current account, government bond, collateral and foreign exchange settlement operations, to increase efficiency for the application of capital and securities using of overdraft and national bond DVP security receipts. I-STAR/LC accurately captures settlement information in real-time, reducing settlement risk.
    I-STAR/MX provides a real-time, direct connection to the Japan Securities Depository Center settlement matching system, transmission of matching data and management of the settlement matching status process.
    The solution offers necessary custody operations functions for storing and managing securities for overseas investors and clients' own overseas offices. Some of the functions in I-STAR/SC include securities management, settlement management, corporate actions and SSI information attribution management.


For system requirements, please contact NRI.

*I-STAR/CORE, I-STAR/MX, I-STAR/CX, I-STAR/LC, and I-STAR/SC are registered trademarks of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of March 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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