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I-STAR/GX with BetaNXT Beta

NRI’s global securities settlement platform supercharges the international post-trade processing capabilities on the BetaNXT Beta platform

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I-STAR/GX and Beta integration delivers the international post-trade processing capabilities required by institutional broker-dealers, wealth management firms and correspondent clearing firms.


The automated multi-market, straight-through processing capabilities provide a cost-effective, high-volume solution with a SINGLE stock record across all asset classes and markets, delivering real-time settlement updates on Beta books and records, and real-time updates of intraday transaction status changes through the life cycle of the settlement. The integrated solution cuts down inefficient operations, mitigates risk and reduces costs.

Learn why our partnership with BetaNXT(formerly known as Refinitiv) won the Best New Post-Trade Solution at FTF Awards(2020)

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Key Benefits

Work Flow



Brokerage firms, Prime Brokers, Custodians


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    24/7 global capability and support, covering major markets in Americas, Europe and Asia

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    Multiple asset classes and transactions

    • Equity, Fixed Income (Asset-backed securities), Listed derivatives, Currencies
    • Cash, DVP, margin, Financing transactions (securities lending and repo), Forex, Derivative contracts
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    Real-time interface with external institutions

    • Connectivity to major global depositories, clearing corporations and custodians
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    Multi-tenant support of multiple enterprises with proper data segregation

    • This fully integrated solution segregates each firm’s data and supports multiple clients with a single architecture
    • Supports a comprehensive and flexible entity hierarchy including correspondent clearing



  • Fully integrated solution supporting international post-trade processing
  • User-friendly, with a single sign-on system and single database. I-STAR/GX reduces the burden of operational errors arising from having to input in systems that vary depending on the location
  • Real-time processing of operations in multiple locations allows easy reconciliation within a single database
  • Easy referencing of inter-company transaction data and creation of integrated reports for multiple locations
  • Flexible user access control settings


  • Comprehensive management of back-office operations such as including Trade management (cash instrument, loan repo, exchange, deposits/loans, etc.), clearing, balance management, rights and dividends processing, accounting, etc.
  • A total, fully integrated system with a multitude of available functions necessary for back-office operations. Can be used as a comprehensive solution or by selecting particular components and functions


  • Compatible with Corporate Action processing and agent operations such as interest, redemption, dividends, stock dividends, mergers and acquisitions
  • Rights and dividends processing functions include not only cash instrument transactions but also Stock Loan and Repo financing transactions
  • Whenever Corporate Actions change, details of entitlements can be automatically recalculated
  • Ability to conduct mark-to-market valuation taking into account rights and dividends payable date


  • Because of the three-tier architecture (database, business logic, Web application) and scalable configuration, fast and low-cost response to volume increases is possible through the addition of small-scale servers where needed

BetaNXT Beta Securities Processing

Beta Securities Processing allows customers to rely on BetaNXT to maintain and update the platform, offer new capabilities and meet ever-evolving regulatory demands. This complete suite of solutions provides unparalleled levels of straight through processing and streamlined exception handling, reducing the load on your operations team. The Beta platform is used and trusted by some of the largest brokerage firms, wirehouses and mutual fund companies in the U.S. It services 50 million accounts with trillions in assets under management. Our expert professional services and migration team – comprised of people with decades of experience in securities processing – will work to ensure we meet exact requirements of our customers.

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